Where did the words go!

Fitbit report


Would you like to know what's really disappointing? It's when I spend an hour writing a blog post only to have the content disappear when I push the button to publish it. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's really a bummer. And it happened this morning. 

So, unless I get motivated to write it all over again, this is going to be short and sweet.

This morning I wrote about personal accountability while pursuing health and fitness. I wrote that, for me, it was the discovery that openly sharing my goals and committing to being transparent about my behavior that helped to make a difference. And I talked about how using my Fitbit Force as an accountability tool has taken it to another new level.

I included a piece about the weekly update that Fitbit provides (shown here) and shared that I'll be including that report from time to time in my posts.

I closed with a story about one of the Fitbit communities that I joined last year. Out of the nearly 15,000 members of that group, I ranked number 468 this morning for the month of March. 

It sucks the fun out of writing a blog when the words you carefully string together get lost into cyberspace. 

Sorry for the mini-rant. I just don't have the energy to rewrite it.  It would be like going for a long walk and realizing I left my Fitbit on my dresser. 
March Goals:
Exercise: 100,000 steps per week: Check! 126,000+ for the week
Weight: 279 pounds (or less): Check - Down 3 lbs this week
Weight: Record and track all food eaten: Check! Recorded pretty much everything.
Weight: Drink 32 oz of water per day: No Progress - Still hovering around 20 oz
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night: Not yet. Only 3 nights last week.  

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March 16, 2014