Week 42 - 06/21/12

Recognition and Inspiration are unexpected benefits that fuel the journey.

Good Job
During the past week I found myself in places where I reconnected with people that I haven't seen for months. On several occasions I saw a curious look in their eyes right before they approached me to ask if I had lost a lot of weight. My usual response begins with a smile and then I confirm their observation as humbly as I can. 

I have to admit that it feels good.

Some of the people go on to to say that they've read my blog and that it has inspired them to start taking better care of themselves. Others say that they are proud to see that I've stuck to the commitment I made at the beginning of the journey. A few, among those that don't know about my commitment or public updates, carefully inquire about whether an illness or disease has caused the loss of weight. 

Regardless of how it comes up, the fact that friends, family, and acquaintances are noticing a change in me, and in some cases are making changes in their own lives, is a benefit that I hadn't expected
Thanks to everyone who has provided positive feedback and encouragement over the past ten months. I invite any of you who want to experience a healthy edge and walk with me on this journey to let me know. I'm more than happy to make the trip together.
New weight as of June 21st - 260 lbs
Weight lost to date -  65.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: 400 minutes of brisk walking.
Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your personal edge are always welcome in my guest book.

Week 42 - 06/21/12