October 22, 2014

Dear friends, family, and readers of my blog who occasionally stop by to see how my journey to a healthier life has progressed,

You may remember how the journey began a little more 
than three years ago.

It's been quite some time since I've shared with you here. Not because I've given up or quit and not because I haven't had anything to say. Instead, I've been quiet because I wanted to be sure of what I've been experiencing before sharing an exciting new element of my story. I think I've found it... "the healthy edge."

Several months ago I was offered the opportunity to experience a nutrition system that was said to be transforming lives. The promises included weight loss, energy gain, stress release, and even financial independence - all promises that sounded over the top and too good to be true. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. It took me nearly three months of consideration and research before I accepted the invitation extended by a friendship that was renewed at our 40th high school reunion three years earlier. Brenda was very patient.

This is how the journey began...

After a summer filled with vacation visitors and activities that added weight back onto each of our bodies, Cindy and I made the commitment to try the program in late August. Brenda helped us to enroll and placed our orders for two different thirty-day product packages. We'd have the best of both worlds by mixing and matching our favorite flavors and products. And just like that we were ready to begin.

I've waited 45 days before beginning to share our journey with you. I wanted to boost my confidence and see for myself that the product claims were true. And I haven't been disappointed.

Over the coming weeks I will share excerpts from a journal where I've recorded the feelings, experiences, results and the overall transformation of my Isagenix journey. I think you'll find it surprising, amazing, and worthwhile. My hope is that you'll also find it inspiring. I'd love to invite you to join me.
Box IsagenixDAY 0 - On Thursday, September 4th, two big brown boxes with the Isagenix logo printed boldly on the side arrived on our front porch. I had feelings of excited anticipation and of overwhelming uncertainty all at the same time. Inside the boxes were cartons, jars, and packets filled with a variety of pills, powers, solutions, snacks, and instructions. Where to begin?

 In our haste to get on our way to our retreat on Lake Chelan, we expeditiously sorted through the contents and quickly pulled out the products we believed we would need. We also discovered that we'd received two boxes of Ageless Essentials for women and none for men. Dang. That's might be a problem for one of us.

With Cindy at the wheel on our way to the lake, I called Brenda, our Isagenix sponsor, and let her know about the mistakes that were included in our order. Not only had we received more female vitamins that expected, we were also short a couple boxes of IsaLean Shake mix. Brenda assured us that the company had an amazing service department and encouraged us to call when the office opened on Saturday morning. As she always does, Brenda shared her enthusiastic support for what would become a meaningful transformation in our lives. We got off the phone and began listening to the coaching CD that came with our order. By the time we arrived in Chelan we were anxious to get these products into our bodies. Tomorrow would be our first day.

My weight on Day 0, September 4, 2014 = 280 lbs.
(Down 24 pounds since December 25, 2013 but up about 25 pounds since my low point on November 22, 2012)
My weight on Day Day 47, October 22, 2014 = 255 lbs
(Back to my lowest point in three years and going strong)

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest bookWhat's working for you?


October 22, 2014