December 7, 2014

YesterdayThree months have passed since Cindy and I started our Isagenix journey. I remember considering the invitation that Brenda had extended to us for several months before we finally said "YES!" The truth is, when we were ready we decided to wait until Labor Day was behind us and summer was over before getting started. We didn't want to detract from our last month of fun in the sun. Now we wish we had started months, or even years, sooner.
Together we have released a combined total of more than 75 unwanted pounds. There's a new feeling of energy that has come into our bodies, and we're able to do things together - like walking, hiking, and biking - that only months ago were simply not possible. Those chronic aches and pains, as well as the tension that comes from stress, are gone. Really gone!

Sound too good to be true? That's what I thought too. But it's very real.
Here's another set of excerpts from my journal entries. You'll see my confidence building and interest in sharing with friends and family beginning to build.

Day 38 - Monday, October 13: (257.6) There’s good news on the scale this morning! After numerous travel days away from home I was still down 2 pounds. I’m feeling pretty good about my ability to made decent choices when I’m on the road. Isagenix fit’s into the life that I’m able to live. Very different than several of the rigid “diet plans” I’ve tried in the past. I love that! Now I'd really like to get below 250 pounds before Thanksgiving.

Even better than this morning’s weigh-in was the opportunity that my sponsor, Brenda, provided me by bringing her sponsor, Bonnie, to meet with me for lunch. These two women are remarkable success stories and are helping me get my business started. They shared inspiration and information that will be very valuable as I go forward. My homework assignment is to consider ten people that I would want to have on my board of directors. I don't think it will be too hard to develop the list. It will be hardest to narrow it down.

Day 41 - Thursday, October 16 (252.0) I completed my third 2-day cleanse yesterday and was delighted and surprised when I weighed myself this morning. I lost 5.6 pounds during the cleanse days and I'm at the lowest weight that I've been for quite some time. I've lost at total of 28 pounds with the help of Isagenix and 48 since Christmas. Last night I packed for a trip to Arizona with Cindy and I dug out shorts in a size (40) that I didn’t think I’d fit into for a long, long time. I'm making some really good progress.

I'm also excited to report that I enrolled my first non-family member as an Isagenix ambassador yesterday. We traveled together last week and Claudia asked me to tell her what I was doing. I told her my story and a few days later, after looking at the links that I sent her, she was ready to get started. How cool is that!?

On the way to Arizona this morning I read a book that Bonnie gave me called “Go Pro” by Eric Worre. It's a fast read and a book that lays out how to make a network marketing business work. Lot's of good tips and advice that I'm anxious to use. I have a plan for tomorrow.

Day 42 - Friday, October 17: I woke up this morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. I didn't sleep too well despite being in a very comfortable bed and beautiful bedroom at the Four Seasons Resort. Why? I was excited! Before I went to bed I had a note from my oldest son Ryan saying that he wanted to join me in the Isagenix business I'm building. He has reviewed the some of the material that I shared with him and has discussed it with my daughter-in-law. Together, they have determined that they would like to experience the product for themselves as a next step. He asked me to help him determine which of the products would best meet their interests and needs. I'm very excited for them.

Day 43 - Saturday, October 18: The best part of today's activity was talking with my son Ryan and getting his order ready to enroll in the program. He's starting out with a President's pack and will have a chance to experience the product completely first hand. With his order in hand it will be the first time that I've been eligible for the double bonuses that Isagenix provides. On just two orders I'll earn $320 - enough to pay for my next personal order of Isagenix product. If I keep that up I will have accomplished my second goal – to never have to purchase my own product again.

Day 46 - Tuesday, October 21: While I was on this six-day vacation and business trip I had a few very satisfying accomplishments that had nothing to do with calories, weight, or exercise. I experienced the satisfaction that comes from a surge of momentum when building a business. On Sunday, I enrolled three new Isagenix Associates who will experience the same transformative benefits that I have and they will be key pillars in my business. And the best part is that one of the new members is my son, one is my sister, and the third is a close friend and business colleague. It feels great to know that by sharing a few stories, using a few tools, and having the courage to invite them to join me will result in a noticeable difference in the lives of people I care about. Their orders will arrive at their homes late this week. Let the healthy experiences begin.

Day 47 - Wednesday, October 22: (255) NOT TO BAD! I weighed in this morning and found that I only gained three little pounds during our 6-day work/play vacation/conference in Arizona. I know I shouldn't be happy about gaining weight, but my prior experience, without Isagenix, would have been more like gaining 7-10 pounds. Apparently Isagenix makes even a bad day look good. Within a few days I'll be back where I belong and moving on down. Next stop 240's! Here I go!

Day 48 - Thursday, October 23rd: I called my sister Janet to see if her President's Pak had arrived. What a fun conversation. She was so happy and excited to get started. Janet said the box was so big and had LOTS of stuff in it. She'd already laid out everything she needed to get started in the morning. I'm excited to hear how it works for her. There's no doubt in my mind that it will.

Day 49 - Friday, October 24th: (252) My weigh in this morning was exciting as I'm already back to my pre-vacation weight and ready to drop into the 240's very soon. It's been a long time since I was in that zone and this time it's just a zone I'll be passing through. Hopefully fairly quickly.

While preparing for work Cindy told me that it sure feels good going to work and feeling good. No pain in her back, groin or joints. Thank you Isagenix. Even if there was no weight loss, comments like that would be enough. That's what grateful feels like.

Last night Brenda and I had over an hour on the phone with one of the people I most wanted to sponsor into my business and our team – my good friend and colleague, Jim. The call went exceptionally well by sharing our stories and addressing the questions that were on Jim's mind. Regardless of the outcome, it was a real pleasure to experience the power of our three-way call again. I know it was clear to Jim and me that "we're in business for our self, but not by our self." I'm getting such incredible support from Brenda and Bonnie.

My weight on Day 49, October 13, 2014 = 252.0 lbs.
(As exciting as losing weight is, the thrill that comes from sharing with friends and family so that they can experience it too, is even better!)
My weight on Day 92, December 6, 2014 = 239.4 lbs
(Had an honest to God OMG moment when I found myself fitting into a pair of size 36 jeans this week).

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest bookHope to hear from you! 


December 7, 2014