Week 4 - 09/29/11

Travel and Temptations Test Commitment

Since my last Healthy Edge update seven days ago, Cindy and I have traveled to Denver, Colorado and Los Alamos, New Mexico to visit our two youngest grandchildren and their parents.  
Sawyers Birthday Med
In Denver, we celebrated Sawyer's first birthday and had most of our meals in restaurants. Those great looking cupcakes could have been a real problem.  

In Los Alamos, we met our grandson Evan for the very first time. He's amazing by the way... and so are the breakfast burritos and homemade enchiladas at the local restaurants. I know I was being tested at every turn.

But I made it!  Despite having "tastes" of of the party food in Denver and "small portions" of the Mexican cuisine in Los Alamos, I kept my eye on the goal.  I thought about all the people who had offered me encouragement and support...and I ate a lot of fruit and salad!! 

Things I've Heard You Say:

Yesterday, when I returned to the office, a coworker said that my pants were starting to look a little baggy. Really?! Perhaps there is hope!

Today, while attending an Interactive Leadership Meeting, I wandered over to the snack counter during a break. There were bags of mixed nuts and chocolates that resembled a form of trail mix.  There was also a platter of fruit that remained from the breakfast buffet.  I opted for another cup of mixed fruit. A co-worker saw what I was taking and as she passed simply whispered "Way to go Rod".  

It's comments like those two that enable a guy like me to make it through a week of travel and tempations. Thanks so much for monitoring my journey and helping to hold me accountable. It turned out to be a very good week.

New weight as of September 29th - 310.6
Weight lost to date - 14.4 lbs
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Week 4 - 09/29/11