Yr 2, Wk 10 - 11/29/12

Barbell Rod
Another page of the calendar is about to be turned. It's hard to believe that this is the final week of November and before we know it we'll be opening Christmas gifts and considering resolutions for the New Year. The older we get the faster those calendar pages seem to turn too.

Another thing that seems to happen as we get older is that it takes longer to bounce back. The head cold that I reported on last week continued its hold on me - enough so that I stopped by our local clinic and was given a prescription for antibiotics and cough medication. I've been taking those for a few days and can tell that I'm finally beginning to feel better. It was a setback to my fitness routine but the priority was to get healthy... not just lose weight.

During the week, Cindy and I had the opportunity to attend "O'Christmas Trees: A Celebration" - one of our favorite holiday events of the season. It's a community event where designer Christmas Trees are displayed in Seattle's Westin ballroom and auctioned to corporate bidders as a way to raise funds that support Providence Hospital's Senior and Community Services.  PEMCO is a sponsor of the gala dinner and always purchases two trees - one that is displayed in our lobby and one that is donated to Harborview Hospital. It's a purposeful act of corporate kindness, and one that inspires smaller but equally meaningful acts by our employees.

Last year at this time my weight was 290.6 pounds and I was just thirteen weeks into the journey. Today, I weigh in at 256.6 pounds - an change of 34 pounds in the past year and 68.4 pounds over all. The pace of improvement has gotten much slower recently, but I'm proud of the fact that I'm still making progress and have found ways to hold my own.
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New weight as of November 29th - 256.6 lbs
Weight lost to date - 68.4 lbs
Weekly exercise: 90 minutes of brisk walking

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Yr 2, Wk 10 - 11/29/12