Week 9 - 11/03/11

Healthy Edge - Mth 2Well, here I am.  Nearly two full months into the journey to a healthier life and I'm feel proud of myself for making good progress. Overall, I've lost almost twenty-five pounds and can honestly say that my pants are starting to feel a little looser around the waist. 

That's A Lot Of Denim!       

Now don't get me wrong. The fact that they are a little looser doesn't mean all that much.  I think they are a size 48. There's enough denim in those jeans to make a small tent or outfit a den of cub scouts. But it's progress. And that's the good news. Within a week I will be under 300 pounds and I sincerely hope.... No! I sincerely promise myself... that I won't see a three as the fist number on my scale ever again.

Another bit of good news about the first two months is that I'm not hating the change in my diet. So far, so good. I've been eating smaller portions, lots of fruit, vegetables, salads, chicken and fish. And I've also allowed myself to enjoy a variety of other choices so that I don't feel deprived, and I get the satisfaction of those great tastes I enjoy so much. I know it's only been two months, but I think I'll be able to keep this up for quite awhile.

I do appreciate all the offers that have come my way for diet options that I can consider.  I really do. I'm just more comfortable with the choices I've made so far than I would be to convert to a set of all new menu items or special products.  I may revisit that decision in the future, but for now it about smarter smaller portions and a little extra exercise.  

So on to month number three.  I've survived the left over Halloween candy and just have to make it through Thanksgiving.  Wish me luck!
New weight as of November 3rd - 300.6
Weight lost to date - 24.4 lbs
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Week 9 - 11/03/11