Failure Isn't Fatal!

John Wooden
A  new year has begun and a recommitment to obtaining a healthy edge has been made. Last week I wrote about the need to apply what I've learned will work for me. There are some specific healthy behaviors of course - eating less and moving more are a couple of the basics - and there are also a few things that help me hold myself accountable. Those include a weekly update to my blog and a daily picture of my walk that I post to Facebook. I admit it, getting feedback from a few friends each week is something that keeps me going. I've come to appreciate the affirmations.

While walking this morning and listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I was reminded of a quote by UCLA's iconic basketball coach John Wooden. He said, "Failure isn't fatal, but failing to change might be!" 

It's so true. The failure to reach a fitness goal or weight can be disappointing to say the least. But it's not fatal. What would be fatal would be to keep doing what didn't work. It's a lesson that has direct application here.

One thing that has changed this time is that I won't be making the effort alone. Not that I ever really was. What's different this time is that a small community of my friends and family members have committed to make a healthy change in their lives too. We have all said "I'm in" and are making weekly commitments to improvements. We've created a private Facebook group that is our scrapbook for motivation, inspiration and sharing. I'm excited to see how it develops. 

Sometimes it does take a village to create something special. If you think you would like to join us and say "I'm in" we would love to have you. Just leave a comment below and you'll get an invitation.

Happy New Year!
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January Goals and Trends Toward Goals Month To Date.
Exercise: 10,000 steps per day (or more) - Trending positive
Weight: 290 pounds (or less) - Trending Positive
Sleep: 6 hours per day (or more) - Trending Negative 


Janurary 5, 2014