Week 15 - 12/15/11

On Dasher, On Dancer, On PEMCO Prancers!

Rod and BA's

Before the event started I was having a great time with the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors at the WALLY Van in Westlake Center. When the event was over my muscles ached and my joints were sore. So sore in fact that that I had trouble getting comfortable for the rest of the day. And it was good. It helped me remember why I was out in the streets of Seattle with thousands of 5K walkers and runners during last Sunday's Jingle Bell Walk for the Arthritis Foundation.

The little aches and pains that I noticed after my fifty-one minute walk were small and temporary compared to the sometimes-debilitating pain that arthritis sufferers experience on a daily basis. I was happy to be a small part of the effort to bring attention and resources to help fight their medical battle. I was proud to be a member of the PEMCO Prancers who raised pledges of over $3000 in conjunction with our walk. And to think, if I hadn’t been on my own “Healthy Edge” journey I might not have made the effort.

Shortly after my public commitment to better health and that initial blog post fifteen weeks ago, a coworker and Prancers captain, invited me to come and walk with the team. She encouraged me and said that she would walk with me, going as fast or slow as I liked. The idea was just to “get moving” and do it in a way that not only helped me but would help other people as well.

Finish Line

I had a great time at the event and felt like I’d accomplished something when I surged across the finish line. I avoided the Top Pot doughnuts and the yummy bagels that were being given out, in favor of a banana and a bottle of water. Why would I want to eat all those calories that I just walked off anyway?

So Thursday came and it was the moment of truth on the scale. I was hopeful that my big walk adventure would have helped make a nice difference. But it didn’t. I actually had a weight gain this week. The first time that has happened since the start.

I can’t blame it on my walk with the Prancers though. I think it was more likely a result of the multiple holiday parties that I was invited to attend during the week. Time to get back on track!

New weight as of December 15th - 289.6
Weight lost to date - 35.4 lbs

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Week 15 - 12/15/11