Week 47 - 07/26/12

Healthy edge 10 meh

Getting close to a full year!

It's hard to believe that I've been on the weight loss journey for 47 weeks. II'm down more than 65 pounds and about 8 inches around my waist. I feel a lot better about myself and I'm confident that I'm in much better condition than I was a year ago. 

Just as meaningful as the results, is the realization that I've developed some pretty solid new routines and habits. Avoiding fast food, eating smart breakfasts, and going on brisk walks are just a few examples.

It's always a nice feeling when someone notices the effort and the changes that I've made. It's often someone that I haven't seen for awhile. When that happens they do a bit of a double-take and say that something is different about me. I've had a few people pause and then ask with concern in their voice if I might be ill. I'm very happy to assure them that I'm feeling better than ever.

Early this week a PEMCO coworker surprised me with a certificate issued on behalf of our company wellness committee. The certificate is a surprise reward for getting caught making healthy decisions. It in titled me to a nice new water bottle, but the recognition of my effort is really a greater reward.

With just five days left to reach my pre-vacation goal - to be the same or lower weight at the end of the month as I was at the beginning - I'm well within reach. A few more salads for lunch and a lot more walking over the weekend and I just might get there!
New weight as of July 26th - 259.6 lbs
Weight lost to date - 65.4 lbs
Weekly exercise: 130 minutes of brisk walking 

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Week 47 - 07/26/12