White Wine, Macaroons and Condoms

Hostess Melanie Lindsey, 28, urged her guests to sample the Moscato white wine, savor the chocolate-dipped macaroons and enjoy the party favors: an array of Durex condoms and lubricants.

Several weeks ago I had a conversation with Bloomberg reporter Leslie Patton about the increased use of offline word of mouth marketing techniques by national brands. She was specifically interested in the use of in-home parties as a supplement to the traditional methods of broadcast advertising, in-store sampling, and the use of trendy online social media tools.

When I followed up with Patton 10-15 days later she told me that the story would run after she had the opportunity to attend an in-home party at the end of the month.  The party took place on an extremely cold (but apparently not "frigid") night in Chicago.  

Follow this link for the full story.