My First Words To WOMMA Members

2011 began and my first message as Board President was presented to WOMMA members on January 3rd. I wanted to share a blend of how WOMMA and the practice of word of mouth marketing could make a valuable marketing difference, with my hopes and expectations for WOMMA as a maturing association during my term. This is what I came up with. 

Fighting on a different hill: How we use word of mouth marketing to take on the giants and win, with ammunition provided by WOMMA. 

The rules of the game have changed. No longer is consumer behavior driven exclusively by traditional marketing and advertising. Today those consumers are making purchasing decisions after hearing the opinions of peers, friends and even strangers. And most often, those influencers make their opinions known online. Many smart companies get this, and are taking steps to harness this new venue. Others, regrettably, are still learning the tough lessons of how the game has changed.
Those who are reaping the benefits of these online conversations have made the decision to take the time and dedicate the resources to create long-term relationships with consumers by consistently listening, responding, and joining conversations. Now, smart enterprises, are going a step further, giving employees the knowledge of where these conversations are taking place, and the tools and te confidence to join in. These organizations have recognized that engaging with customers in these conversations can be a tremendous equalizer, allowing nimble, adaptive companies to compete on par with much bigger, better funded competitors.
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