A frequent WOMMA event attendee, Heidi Ob'bayi stops by the WOMMA Booth during the PSAMA Market Mix reception in Seattle. Membership Development Director, Jeremy Friedman and WOMMA Board Member, Rod Brooks, welcome her back after two years of residency in New Zealand.

Discussing the Conversation Economy

Nearly four hundred marketing professionals and people who wanted to hear more about the emerging conversation economy attended the 2012 Market Mix at Seattle's Bell Harbor Conference Center.  From the buzz that was heard at the closing reception, very few - if any - were disappointed.
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The event was widely promoted and brought thought leaders and practitioners from around the sound and across the country together to tell their stories. From Ted Rubin's opening address emphasizing the importance of relationships in the marketing model, to Allison Watson's closing remarks focused on consumer trends and the way they access, consume and use information, the message was strikingly consistent... To win in today’s fast moving business environment marketers, and the businesses they represent, will need to engaged with consumers and actively participate in the conversations that enable a company, a brand, and individuals to make meaningful connections with the target audience. Yesterday’s marketing won’t cut it in today’s conversation economy.

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I was very pleased and proud to represent the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) at today's event, which included the opportunity to share the five key principals of word of mouth marketing along with examples of converting routine to remarkable and touchpoints into talking points. 
 Market Mix 2012 - Creating Conversation Worthy Buzz
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