Time of Transition

November 2010:  As the WOMMA Summit began to wind down and my year as President-elect started to come to an end, I felt a level of increasing responsibility within the organization beginning to build.  I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with Paul Rand while he was in the role of President, as well as with several experienced WOMMA board members. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years would be used for transition and planning.  What goals will I lead our board to achieve?  What roles can best be supported by which board members?  Are there special initiatives to address?  Issues to resolve?  Members to surprise and delight?  It's a busy time and it's also an exciting one within the WOMMA organization.  I have the opportunity to be the first WOMMA President to come from the brands side of our membership.  I'm looking forward to the experiences that lie ahead. 

In the final hours of the Summit, I had the privilege of introducing Jeremaih Owyang who shared his findings on the successful career paths of corporate social strategists.  When he concluded, I closed the event with these questions.  What did you get? What will you share? What will you do?


WOMMA Talkable Brands Summit Recorded In Murals. . . How Many Edges Can You Identify?

Graphic facilitator Paula Hansen recorded much of the 2010 Talkable Brands Summit with wonderful wall murals depicting what was discussed, presented and shared. 


As I listened to the sessions, I couldn’t help but consider the advantage a business would have it was able to master just one or two of the “edges” that were talked about. Whether it was Empowered author Josh Bernoff speaking about the importance of unleashing employees and energizing customers; The Kitchen Sisters on the engagement and value created by effective story telling; Geno Church describing the magic of a fired up customer movement; or one of many additional speakers and panelists, there was no shortage of innovation, best practices, and opportunity to discover a competitive edge. Were you there? Did you see the edge? I created this compilation of Paula's work to remind those who were there and to inspire those who weren’t. Look carefully. Maybe you'll see the edge!

Graphics by Paula Hansen - Chart Magic