More than just talk!

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Word of mouth is the link between brands of all sizes and the many different and exciting people who talk about them. WOMMA’s School of WOM brings people, tools, techniques and best practices together under one roof for three jam-packed days of strategy based, hands-on, practical sharing focused on the Art and Science of Talkable Brands. It’s a holistic education - perfect for anyone who sees the puzzle in the pieces.

So here is my “Top Ten Ways School of WOM Teaches Better, More Efficient Marketing.”

1. Keynotes

Like any new practice both strategy and ethics are critical to sustainable success. Brian Solis will cover your WOM strategy and C. Steven Baker of the FTC will cover your WOM back. Brian is well known for being a consistent thought leader in emerging technologies and their utility in new business techniques. His keynote will elaborate on topics from his recently updated book, Engage. The audience will be taught WOM and social media marketing from concept to conclusion.

Steven is the Director of the Midwest Regional Office of the FTC. He will provide an update on the consumer privacy report that was released by the FTC last fall. This critical information will help keep your brand or client’s brand squeaky clean in the eyes of your communities and the law.

2. Workshops

New this year, School of WOM’s workshops are designed to be interactive sessions with industry experts. Walk in with a business problem and leave with a solution. Whether you’re interested in storytelling, WOM foundations, Influencers, ROI, research or measurement, we have a workshop for you.

But be forewarned, you may need to break out of your “Professional at a conference” shell.

3. Storytelling

People love stories. They have since cavemen started depicting the hunt on hidden French caves. A good story can outshine a million dollars worth of media buys. But they aren’t easy.

School of WOM’s workshop on storytelling is led by Jon Thomas of Story Worldwide. He will guide you to the essence and importance of brand stories.

4. Going Mobile

Smart phones are fast becoming the standard. Marketers are rushing to utilize this emerging platform – and are seeking methods to do so without ticking off the users. Chick-fil-A will explain how they have used a combination of offline, mobile and social to grow and enrich their community.

5. Ethics and Privacy

Choose from four different sessions that examine ethics and privacy from different angles.

• The Foundations of WOM workshop teaches how to proactively plan and integrate ethics into every WOM campaign.

• Tony DiResta, Partner at Winston & Strawn, will show you how to craft a legally compliant social media policy.

• Bob Pearson, Chief Technology & Media Officer at WCG, will focus on highly regulated industries such as healthcare, banking and insurance.

• C. Steven Baker of the FTC will close the conference with his keynote on responsible behavior in a rapidly changing market atmosphere.

6. Networking

Introducing speed networking. WOMMA conferences have many super smart people that want to connect with other super smart people – but there’s so little time! We’ve made it easier with speed networking. Get your Pokens at registration and be ready for this hour of networking power.

7. Measurement

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” – Peter Drucker

Mr. Drucker knows his stuff. No one is going pay you for guess work. We have a workshop that teaches how to measure, what to measure, and where to apply measurement insights – essentials for any WOM marketer!

8. Research

We have two workshops focusing on WOM Research. The first teaches the wide array of research methods that have developed over the last few years. The second peers into WOMMA’s library of WOM Research case studies. Both will help direct any research initiative toward greater efficiency and relevance.

9. The Foundations of WOM

Foundations matter. You don’t build a house on sand and you don’t launch a WOM campaign based on shiny tools.

Any effective practice has a strong base built on how people and brands behave toward each other. In this workshop, you’ll learn why WOM works and how to cultivate it based on its core foundations. Sounds lofty, but you’ll walk out with the confidence needed to create talkable brands.

10. Influencer Everything

Learn how The Gap influences influencers, those elusive golden tickets of WOM. Also participate in our “Influencing the Influencer” workshop. Both will teach you where to find influencers, how to engage them, and how to keep the conversation going.

So that’s my top ten. I hope to see you there!