Focus On Winning

While the Bears and Packers were getting into it during the NFC Championship game at Soldier Field in Chicago last Sunday, I was a passenger on Alaska Airlines flight 22 to the same windy city for an entirely different reason. And just like the Packers and Bears, I had "winning" on my mind.

How will we define "winning" for WOMMA in 2011 and 2012? What will winning look and feel like? Most importantly, what should the winning experience be for a WOMMA member?

The answer to these questions around winning would undoubtedly shape and influence the strategies and key initiatives for the year that I preside as WOMMA President. The winning definition would guide the work of volunteer board members, committees and WOMMA staff. It would be important that we get the answers right. That's what I thought about while the Packers were dominating the Bears... and while the Chicago's quarterback was quitting on his team.  That's not what leaders do when their team needs them most. Leaders know what winning is, and they do everything in their power to accomplish it. That's my responsibility for WOMMA and WOMMA members. I've been looking forward to the opportunity and to this week where we convene to spark some answers.  For more on my busy WOMMA week, click on the links below.