A Matter Of Ethics

Thursday was the deadline for a guest submission that I'd agreed to write for a President's blog exchange between WOMMA and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Actually, the truth is that I'd already missed the Monday deadline I'd committed to (oops) and Thursday was the courtesy extension I was given. Working into the late evening on Wednesday, I submitted my first attempt for an internal WOMMA review. 

"Nice. Just a little off the mark," was the polite feedback I received. 

So back to the keyboard I went... searching for just the right thoughts and words. By midday Thursday, I was ready to try again. And this time the signal of approval arrived via return e-mail. Whew - just made it.

If you're wondering, the topic I wrote about is "Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing to win, ethically." The questions I attempted to raise for thoughtful consideration and comment include these: Can we adapt the ethical guidelines our professions have created for our work in the more traditional aspects of our trade to this new, evolving world of social media? And then, can we concurrently recognize the tools and tactics of this new approach change at dizzying speed, while still harnessing the power of social media to affect behavior among our target audiences? 

Here is a link to the full story that was posted on the PRSA blog on Monday, Janurary 31st.