WOMMA Gets People In Seattle Talkin'

Word of Mouth MedWOMMA took the show on the road this week and did so in the form of two Talkable Brand Exchange events. For WOMMA, it was the culmination of months of planning, preparing, selling, and partnering. For me, as WOMMA Board President, it was a proud moment and an opportunity to deploy a WOMMA Edge in a way members and non-members alike could appreciate.
For most of its seven years of existance, WOMMA has delivered education and content in centralized venues "under a big tent". In other words, two times each year, in cities like Las Vegas and Chicago, WOMMA hosts a three day event that is attended by 400-600 people. It is a marketing magnet that attracts thought leaders, corporate marketing executives, practitioners, and students. It attracts international, national, regional and local brands who network and mix with leaders of agencies, public relations firms, and research organizations... just to mention a few. I've been going to WOMMA events like these since 2007 without missing a single one, and I've never been disappointed. 

So why am I proud of the Talkable Brands Event that WOMMA set forth in Seattle this week? 

Because it leverages our most vital WOMMA asset - our edge if you will - the experience and knowledge of our members. 

Regional events enable members and non-members who are unable to travel to the big tents we erect or can't afford the more significant registration and lodging costs, to have a WOMMA experience. 

Talkable BrandsEvents like these help to better expose the WOMMA mission and enable effective delivery of credible, respectful, social, measurable and repeatable word of mouth marketing. 

For many it's like a sample of something bigger - an initial exposure to an organization that can provide value in many ways. For others, it's an opportunity to broaden the exposure to a much wider audience within their companies, enabling discovery and buy-in to what smart marketers know is a critical success component to their long term strategy. 

Finding an effective way to touch more people with a WOMMA experience was high on my list of things to accomplish as I entered my year as WOMMA President last January. And no, for those who are wondering, it's not a coincidence that the first such event was held in my home market of Seattle and the great northwest. I'm was an incredible pleasure to have hosted an event attended by over 100 co-workers, marketing colleagues and new friends. We exposed the WOMMA edge... And we've only just begun.

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your personal edge are always welcome in my guest book.