Spring Break At The Beach!

Winter Beach Storm - MedGoosebumps? I can show you goosebumps!

My wife Cindy and I are members of a timeshare community in which "points" that we purchace are good for use at various condominium units around the US, Mexico and Canada. We love the flexability and the venues. We've been to Palm Springs, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Santa Fe. 

All wonderful warm weather locations. 

Girls go to Hawaii...

This year, our twin girls are graduating from high school and had the opportunity to spend their spring break with six girl friends and two sets of parents in Hawaii.  During a moment of weakness Cindy and I said they could go.  I'm sure that they are loving the sandy beaches and the 80 degree days.  No doubt about it.Girls at Beach - Med

But what about us? We discovered that we had timeshare points that had to be used before the end of May. Not wanting to travel far from home, we chose a great spot at Ocean Shores, Washington for the week.  Just the two of us with a chance to spend time beachcombing, picnicing, flying kites and all the goofy stuff that parents without children can do when they are in their 50's. 

Yeah right!

Well we had a great time watching a weeklong winter storm pound the beach outside our condo. And I remembered what it means to vacation on Washington Beaches.

Goosebumped Beach Bum... We're one of you! Check this out!

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