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Where You Focus Makes A Difference

There's a lot of talk, interest and even fear associated with "social media" these days. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the big four that most of the conversation gets focused on. And certainly they deserve our attention and consideration. But at the end of they day they are just tools. 

That's right. At it's most base level, social media is a noun, and these popular social networks are tools that we can choose to use to build our businesses, our brands, and our personal and professional networks. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Engagement shows Action

Social engagement, on the other hand is a verb. It shows action. 

In my mind, social engagement is far more powerful and strategic than all the conversation around the various media... the social tools. 

The strategies and investment that we make in social engagement is where the edge exists. To know which tools to use requires insight and a plan for what you are trying to build. A carpenter wouldn't pick up a hammer for a plumbing job. And an artist wouldn't turn to his brushes for a sculpture. Each tool should be used for specific jobs to get planned outcomes.

Have you put the choice of your tools ahead the development of your plan? Are you focusing your efforts on social media or on social engagement?

Here's a list of ten key observations I've made as a student of social engagement over the past few years. Some borrowed, some paid for: only a few are original.

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