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Earlier today I saw a friends post on Facebook that caused me to pause and think a little bit. It was a challenge that urged readers to think about what they're grateful for... right now... in the moment.

Here's what the post said... "A friend, R. M., posted the following on her blog this morning: "My challenge to you, right now, is to write out ten things you are grateful for. Type them in the comments, scribble them on paper, tweet some, write them on Facebook, say them out loud. Make the choice." 

The timing was perfect. I'd been resting on the couch for nearly three days fighting a head cold that had gotten the best of me. I was beginning to feel sorry for myself and needed a little reminder that I really had nothing to complain about. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's my list. 
  1. For a father who modeled a committed work ethic and belief in family values.
  2. For a mother who was always there for her children and never resented a moment of the time it took to raise us.
  3. For children who have made me incredibly proud of them for their accomplishments and for their differences. And for a wife who loves me for who I am and reminds me of it daily.
  4. For the unconditional love and trust that comes from grandchildren in ways that you can only understand by experiencing it.
  5. For second chances and the ability to both accept them and give them.
  6. For all the positive people in my life who see the glass as half full - looking forward with hope and anticipation.
  7. For mentors who've believed in me - encouraging me to stretch myself, think differently, and look beyond the obvious to see what others don't.
  8. For the opportunity and resources to help make a difference in the lives of others.
  9. For the realization that no matter how difficult the challenges in my life may seem there are people who would exchange them for their own in a heartbeat.
  10. For a country that enables me to live, learn and love where, what and who I choose - and all the men and women who protect and defend our freedom.
And there's one more. It's one that those who live with me or work with me closely have come to know and understand.  I'm grateful for "Second Thought Rod" - the voice of reason and my inner compass. Without him, a lot of poor decisions would have been made.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you grateful for?

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  • Ted Rubin
    Nov. 18, 2012
    Thanks for sharing a great post Rod. I admire you so much for all you do.

    Here is what I listed on Rachel Martin's blog and on FB as what I am thankful for in the moment...

    1. My girls!!! :-)
    2. My girl's health
    3. My family's health
    4. My friend's health
    5. My health
    6. Taking my 17 year old for ski clothes today, and her wanting to be there :-))
    7. Picking up my 15 yr old daughter in NYC today from a weekend with her camp friends and getting to hear about it in the way home :-)))
    8. Gas in my car
    9. Power in my house
    10. My friends near and far... Thank You!

    Make it a great Sunday! :-)

    P.S. Rachel's post...

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