When not doing it yourself is a win!

Lake House No Water - MedWe have a small vacation home on Lake Chelan. If you have been Facebook friends of mine or readers of this blog for long, you have had plenty of opportunities to see and hear about "our little piece of heaven." 

This spring I took the easy way out of a couple big projects. 

We hired local construction and maintenance providers to build reinforcements for our rock bulkhead and to paint the full interior of the house. When we arrived for Memorial Day weekend, all the heavy work was completed. All we had to do was straighten up the interior of the house, rehang some pictures, and enjoy our improved surroundings. 

Some people would say that I could have saved 60% by doing the work myself. Probably true. But I'm happy, the work got done correctly, and there are a few families in Chelan that appreciated the work and income. I love it when a plan has a win-win outcome! 

Sometimes the edge is in enlisting the help of others.

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  • Tony
    May. 28, 2013
    I am a firm believer that sometimes it is MUCH better to hire out! Last year I had a landscaper come in and do a job in less than a day that would've taken me weeks of complaining. Due to his work, sprucing up a little this year was easy.

    Sometime the efficiency and expertise warrants the expense! Good choice!
  • Cindy Brooks
    May. 28, 2013
    You're not the only one who appreciates the extra help with the chores.... Because.... I'm pretty sure that "I" would have been the one "slingin" the paint on the walls, and not near as eloquently as the painters did. I love the new "TEAL GREEN" rooms... lol. As for the building of the reinforcement wall.... That would have been ALL YOU.

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