Who wants a CMO for a BFF?

Insurance & TechnologyAre you and PEMCO's CIO BFF's at work?

That, or a very similar question, was what "Insurance and Technology" reporter Nathan Golia wanted to know when we concluded an unrelated conversation yesterday afternoon. Nathan caught me by a little by surprise, but I understood right away what he was getting at. He was interested in organizational silos and wanted to know whether or not I believed that CIO's and CMO's needed to collaborate more closely in order to win in the marketplace.

As I shared with Nathan, close knit collaboration and cross-functional leadership is more critical today than ever before. Previous eras were primarily fueled by a corporate focus on operational efficiency, financial performance, or product innovation. Today, in the conversation economy, the voice of the customer and the impact of social engagement has made the CMO an important best friend for members of the C-suite to embrace.  Here's the full story.

That's my opinion. What's yours?

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  • Jack Plouse
    Mar. 31, 2012
    I couldn't agree more with the idea of technology and marketing becoming partners, or "BFF's". Everyday I show up to work, I am working more towards linking the two together. In today's market one can't really work well without the other. If the left and right hand work together, the results are going to be much more significant. I believe that this shift is catching some organizations off guard because it requires a slightly different skill set from what would be traditionally considered. It's very apparent to me the businesses that "get it" and adopt the changes quickly.

    Thanks for sharing this article!

    Jack Plouse

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