And she told two friends...

Heather (med)And so on. And so on...
In the early eighties a challenger brand of organic shampoo products hired a little known actress, Heather Locklear, to demonstrate the power of word of mouth in the success of an emerging talkable brand. In the memorable commercial, Heather demonstrated how remarkably effective and important the voice of the customer can be. It was as simple as two friends telling two friends... over and over and over again.

Thirty years later the tools are more sophisticated, the techniques have evolved, and the customer has more influence than ever before. Word of mouth marketing is no longer optional. It is essential and smart companies are baking it into the daily operations of their organizations.

WOMMA, the pioneering association for brands and agencies, is bringing the story to Seattle. It's a chance for marketers to participate in a face to face knowledge forum where brands and practioners openly share and discuss their social marketing successes, learnings, and best practices.

For more information and links to the agenda and registration, just click here.  (And you'll be able to see what Heather Locklear looked like in that old commercial too)

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Rod Brooks (that's me) is VP & CMO of PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company and serves as Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  It's important to disclose both of those relationships and to be clear that this is my personal blog where I share thoughts and opinions that are solely my own.  Contact me!

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