Time for a new scale?

ScalesIf You Don’t Like Your Weight, Go And Get A New Scale!

No kidding. I’m not the only one making this journey at our house and the other person, (I won’t name names), was having some issues with our scale. It just didn’t seem to show the right numbers! When stepped on, the old scale would display the letters ERR. I have a hunch that just meant error, but it was interpreted as “Hey you heavyweight… Get off my back!”

So the quest for a scale that wasn’t so offensive was on. A new scale was purchased but it would seldom create the same reading two times in a row. It was returned. And this is the best part, my loving wife asked the sales person at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to come over to the scale display and step on each scale two times each. She was looking for one that would get the same weight twice. He accommodated and now we have a fancy new scale.

By the way, the old white one, consistently says I weigh two pounds lighter. But I love my wife, and we’re using the new one!

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  • Ryan Breske
    Oct. 13, 2011
    Funny story and I was waiting for the marketing punchline. Interestingly, we do see that in marketing too — don't we — where a different metric is used to support a particular campaign or effort if we didn't like the first answer? If that number doesn't look the way we want it to, well, maybe there's a different metric that can be used instead, and so on. In the end, whether in your Heathy Edge journey or the quest for a viable business, the truth comes out in your (or the organizations) well-being.

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