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Last year we found out that my wife Cindy had breast cancer. She faced it head on and made the decision to have the extreme surgery. You were there for us. You prayed for us. The surgery was successful and we began the process of moving on.  Almost...

During the surgery, Cindy's lymph nodes were examined and were found to contain cancerous tumors in the form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). We were told that she was fortunate to have caught it early and that it was not in any of her organs or bone - just stage three. No treatment was necessary. Cindy would just have more frequent exams during a period of waiting and watching the (hopefully) slow development and growth of the tumors. Again, you were there for us. You prayed for us. And a year went by without too much concern. Until...

Cindy began to have some noticeable pain in her hip and back within about 6-9 months of discovering the tumors. There was nothing to indicate that the symptoms were related to the NHL. When a year had passed it was time for Cindy's next PET scan to see how the tumors were developing. Most were unchanged or growing very slowly. No treatment would be required. Except...

Two of the tumors in Cindy's lymph nodes had changed. One had nearly doubled in size and the other had grown by about 50%. One was near the pain point in her back and the other was in her hip. The two tumors were causing her symptoms and the doctor made it clear that now was the time to seriously consider beginning treatment. The dreaded chemotherapy was being discussed. You were there for us. And you prayed for us.

When we told our friends that Cindy's cancer battle would continue in earnest again this week, many were surprised. We've lived the past few months by enjoying time celebrating special events with our family and Cindy didn't want to dampen anyone's spirits with unnecessary talk about cancer. In fact, at first Cindy didn't want me to write or share feelings about her treatments at all.

I'm glad she reconsidered. When word went out - just in my blog and as a Facebook entry - you were there for us again. And, once again, you prayed for us.

It was your outpouring of interest, care, and concern that helped me this week. The steady stream  of uplifting, supportive, and inspiring comments really made a difference. And of course, your prayers have given us a dimension of peace and strength that can only come from His hands.

As the day moved along and Cindy's procedure took longer and longer I began to worry. And I could feel the presence of all our friends and family in the room with me. Not physically but in your heartfelt thoughts, comments, and prayers.

Thank you so much. Cancer doesn't stand a chance.

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  • Yvonne Nieman
    Aug. 1, 2013
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and facts concerning Cindy's current situation. There is strength in numbers, and definitely in the power of prayer. As you and Cindy continue on in this journey in your lives, know that you are not alone, and that you bring strength and encouragement to many lives, including mine. Love you my friends.

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