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PEMCO Insurance is the company where I am the Chief Marketing Officer.  I share that not just as a matter of pride, but to fully disclose the relationship I have with the company. Over the years, PEMCO has put together a story that is truly remarkable. A story of a challenger brand that has found ways to compete with companies many times their size.

The story can't be told without talking about the importance of relationships.  It's truly a special edge that has been carved out over 60-plus years. And what are relationships about? Simply put, it's the people. And recently, it's become a story of northwest people that gets told with a bit of a twist.

The people in the stories are the same people we live, work, learn and play with. But these people seem "a little different."  They are unique, proud, colorful, and a little quirky. And when you see or hear of them, you can't help but feel a smile appearing on your face. And it's in the smile that the magic exists.

For smiles lead to conversations. And conversations begin the process of consideration, selection, and renewal. Before you know it, the simple smile has become a loyal customer and a fierce advocate of the brand. All from the seeds of a story. 

Since introducing the PEMCO Northwest Profiles in 2007, marketing, insurance, and business colleagues have been interested in the story as well. I've been pleased to be able to share it on several occasions with students and professionals alike. It's a fun story to tell, and one that we are all very proud of.

If you would like to hear more about the story, I'll be sharing it at the following venues in the coming months.

We're a lot like you. A little different.

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  • Lisa
    Jan. 27, 2013
    When do we get to see Finnsnes on your speaking list?
  • Lisa Zenev
    May. 16, 2012
    Mr. Brooks – I recently read an article in “Insurance and Technology” about PEMCO’s strategy and use of technology to engage your customers. There appear to be definite similarities in culture to my company, PacificSource Health Plans: high-touch personal customer service and investment and partnerships in our local communities. We do feel that PEMCO is more advanced in using social media, consumerization of technology and retail strategies to connect to customers. Would you be willing to spend an hour at our Board of Directors and Executives Retreat this fall to present PEMCO’s strategies for engaging policyholders?

    We would be honored if you could join us the morning of September 17th at the Brasada Ranch Resort, just outside of Bend, Oregon, to present an hour talk and Q&A about PEMCO’s success balancing consumerism with personal service. Our Executives and Board of Directors meet annually to consider our current and future environment and our Plan’s strategy to remain successful in a challenging healthcare market. Our thirteen-member Board of Directors is a mix of physicians, business representatives and community members. An additional sixteen members of the Executive team join our Board for the Retreat.

    PacificSource Health Plans ( is an independent, not-for-profit health plan that was founded in 1933 in Eugene, Oregon. Our membership is approximately 280,000 medical and dental members in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and southern Washington. We have commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage business.

    We are facing considerable industry upheaval in the next two years with health care reform and health insurance exchanges that require a new retail perspective to connect to new and existing members. We would really appreciate any advice and lessons learned from your experiences.

    We will, of course, help you arrange travel and reimburse you for any expenses, speaker’s fees, or a donation to your designated charity. Please bring a guest if you wish. Take a look at to view the beautiful ranch resort. Sunday evening, September 16th, is the kick-off reception and we have rooms booked until Wednesday, September 19th, so feel free to enjoy a Sunday arrival and an extended stay.

    You can contact Linda Martin (541-684-5445 [email protected]), Executive Assistant to our CEO, Ken Provencher, for any travel or reservation questions. If you wish to speak with our CEO, Ken Provencher, Linda can arrange a phone call.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions. I appreciate your attention.


    Lisa Zenev
    VP Development and Strategic Planning
    541 684-5239

The Fine Print

Rod Brooks (that's me) is VP & CMO of PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company and serves as Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  It's important to disclose both of those relationships and to be clear that this is my personal blog where I share thoughts and opinions that are solely my own.  Contact me!

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