A Rookie With An Edge

Russell WilsonYes it's early. The NFL season is only two weeks old and already there have been surprising upsets and unexpected performances. There are ten starting quarterbacks who have one year or less of NFL experience - the most since 1950. It's much too early to predict how each will turn out or how their respective teams will fare. But we can enjoy the moment.

In Seattle, there's a new starting quarterback too - just as everyone expected. Last years starter, Tavaris Jackson, is now in Buffalo and Matt Flynn, who the Seahawks signed in the off-season, is reportedly one of the league's most highly paid backups. 

What wasn't expected was for Russell Wilson to win the job. But win it he did. And regardless of how he does on the field (he's currently 1-1 as a starter) he's a young man who is easy to admire. 

Russell Wilson is a courageous decision maker when his career is on the line. He talks about the three "P's" that his father encouraged him to use as compass points for the way he lives his life: perspective, perseverance, and purpose. And he's committed to what hasn't been done before; to being different; and to doing everything he can to be uncommon.  

Here's a guy who trusts in who he is and has a true passion for the sport and career that he loves. I have a hunch he's going to be be special. He's a real life example of someone who sees the edge.

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