Recovery - Five Days After Surgery

At home recoveryIt's been five days since I was wheeled into surgery to have prostate cancer removed from my body. The SCCA medical team - working at the University of Washington Medical Center - did an excellent job while being compassionate and aware of my feelings. When it was over Dr. Ellis came to visit Cindy and me and said that the five hour surgery went well and that he's hopeful that he was able to "get it all." Of course, when cancer cells are microscopic, we won't know that until the pathology report comes back next later this week.

I returned home on Wednesday with two annoying tubes removing fluids from my body. The obvious offender is a catheter that is responsible for removing urine while I stay hydrated throughout the at. I'm happy to say that aside from it's physical presence and the need to empty a bag several times a day, the catheter is almost a non-event. Most men wince when the thought of having one enters our minds but it's really not a problem. I'm sure being under general anesthesia when it was put in was a huge help.
The other tube is one that leads from my belly to a suction bulb that is pinned to my shirt. It get's emptied every couple hours and is responsible for getting rid of internal fluids. I think it's working overtime because of the lymph nodes that were removed for examination. Hopefully it will be retired on Wednesday as well.

The recovery has been going amazingly well. After having some discomfort on the first day home and learning the best ways to get up, down, and walk around, I've had very little trouble. I rest a lot - watching holiday specials, football games, and binging on some of several series' that I missed over the years. Naps show up at unexpected moments so I seem to be getting more than my fair share of sleep. (That reminds me to record the Seahawk game today just in case).

I'm definitely benefitting from the love and prayers that have been sent my way by friends and family. I'm told that the smart thing for me to do is to continue to lay low and rest. That get's boring and old pretty fast. I guess I'll have to focus on that as time goes on.
Thanks for all the care and support that's been sent to me and my family. 

Happy holidays!

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  • Steve Wicklund
    Dec. 20, 2015
    Been thinking about you Rod. Looking forward to more good times at Lake Chelan. There's nothing more therapeutic than the beautiful lake and all it has to offer...!!! Wishing Cindy and you a very Merry Christmas and the very BEST in the new year....GO HAWKS !!! Steve & Jackie

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