The Power of Love

P o L TitleFor some, it takes every day that we have together to create that special indefinable bond. Some unfortunately live a lifetime without making the connection that creates it. Songs, poems, stories, and plays have been written about it. Artists have tried to paint it and photographers have tried to capture it in images. The power of love has been at the core of our healing and sense of peace for centuries. A search for the phrase on the Internet returned more than 3.5 million responses. Clearly, it’s something that matters to many of us.

POL - Front

On July 31st, just two short months ago, Cindy went into the hospital to have her body prepared to receive the cycles of chemotherapy that would be dripped into her system. She was being prepared to do battle once again with the cancer that had been found. And on that day in July our good friend, quilter, and owner of Okan Arts, Patricia, asked me to call her about a “healing quilt” that she would like to make for Cindy. One that I would commission and Patricia would design and construct.

The decision to make the quilt was quick and easy but our conversation about what the quilt would ultimately become was one that evolved. Patricia was the first to call it a healing quilt – one that she would create as quickly as possible in order for Cindy to have it during the journey she would soon begin. In order to expedite the process I would entrust responsibility for the selection of fabrics and colors to Patricia. My only request was that the quilt includes, in some appropriate and meaningful way, fabric taken from clothing that had been worn by three of the people who love her most – her mother, her father, and me.

P of L - Healing

To tell you how it came to pass and how our subsequent conversations helped Patricia define the elements of the quilt will be left for another time. I’ll just say that I knew we were doing the right thing when the call ended and I reentered the hospital corridor outside Cindy’s recovery room. I’d been standing in a quiet garden but hadn’t noticed the sign above the door. It was called “The Healing Garden,” and I knew that our conversation and decisions about Cindy’s quilt had happened in the right place.

P of L Label
Last night the final element of the quilt was added when the name that Patricia had suggested was printed on the label with a short message I had written. “The Power Of Love” had come together by assembling elements of beauty and strength, kindness and care. Patricia carefully folded the quilt and placed it into a special box that was tied with ribbon the color of Cindy’s eyes. Two months and one day from the initial phone call and the quilt was ready. 

P of L - Card
When I arrived at home I added a card – one that clearly showed how Cindy has come to complete me – and asked her to open the box. She had no idea what was inside. When the lid was removed The Power Of Love began to work its magic.

Today we made our fourth trip to the hospital to continue our battle with cancer. This time, and for all the times yet to come, we have a colorful reminder of an important ally that is on our side. We have the power of love!

P of L photo box

Some power can't be explained

This photo box was put together as a tribute to Cindy’s father, Alfonso Pompili, when he passed away last year. While it wasn’t planned, the two garments that were selected for The Power Of Love – from many that were sent and offered – were the two that Cindy’s dad and mom are wearing here. Her mother's familiar smock and her dad's often worn brown flannel shirt. Patricia made the selections. She had never seen the photo box. 

Good choices!
Want to see how the quilt came to life? Check out Patricia's photo journal here!

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  • Vonnie
    Oct. 6, 2013
    Amazing.............What strength and power there is when hearts and minds are joined in love. Many blessings to you my dear friends. : )
  • Helene
    Oct. 3, 2013
    Yours is a true LoveStory.
  • Wifey
    Oct. 3, 2013
    Wouldn't want to make this journey with anyone else. I'm sure this wasn't your plan for "in sickness and in health". But I thank god everyday it was you on the other end of those vows.... I love you sweetie.

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