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For nearly twenty-five years – the majority of my career - I envisioned myself in a role atop a growing and successful company. I knew what to do and how to do it, but the pace and momentum of my career along with the responsibilities of a growing family kept me in corporate leadership roles that were a step away from the top. Despite that success, the itch to build a successful business of my own still needed to be scratched. Yet it never seemed to be the right time.

Then two things happened that added new dimension to my perspective. My wife was diagnosed with cancer and I turned sixty.

When the person you care about most has cancer you learn very quickly about what your real priorities are. For me, it became her health and the time we could have together. From the day she was diagnosed we fought the fight together - Cindy as the patient and me as her support partner. That battle continues today.

To celebrate my sixtieth birthday, Cindy arranged for all seven of our children, their spouses, and each of my grandchildren to come together for a week long vacation celebration in Las Vegas. It was the first time – after more than a decade of being a family - that all 18 of us were together under the same roof at the same time. Yet another important reminder of how important time with my family really is.

The common denominator in these noteworthy experiences is time. By chasing a career in the corporate world - and achieving financial success - I had been losing one of the greatest paydays of all. Time.

Then I was exposed by a friend to lifestyle training. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. I began with very small steps, reading about and researching the opportunity. Before long I could no longer deny what I was seeing and the incredible excitement that was building inside me. The true income potential in this industry amazed me, and I was blown away by the freedom and lifestyle that people in this industry were enjoying. They had found a way to reclaim their lives. They had the money and health I’d been chasing, and most importantly they had taken charge of their time. The key component that I’d been missing most. I wanted to be part of it, at the top of my own business, and failure would not be an option.

Today, I’m a part of a nearly billion-dollar company and building my own business with team members who want something more in life. The products I represent are world class and serve as the fuel that propels us forward.

My dream of building something great is starting to come true. I’m surrounded by great people and a very real ability to transform people’s lives. All while owning my own life. My future looks great!

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  • Brian
    Nov. 3, 2014
    Of the people I know that could make it work, you are definitely in the top of the list.

    Your story of having your family all together under one roof, for the first time, hits me in the gut. I think about the fact that my sisters and their families, my family and I, and my parents... well, we have never all been together under one roof. And it will never happen, because my father has had two strokes and is in an assisted living facility in Chattanooga, TN.

    We never know when that last opportunity will be. We never know when that family reunion might be the moment that we wish we could have back again.
  • Tony
    Nov. 2, 2014
    There's nothing a COUG cant do whe he wants to do it! Damn proud of you pal!

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