Movember Monday - Talking Radiation

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When Movember officially ends (Monday, Movember 30th) my search for the most appropriate treatment for prostate cancer really ramps up. I'll be meeting with five specialists during the coming week and plan to make a treatment decision shortly thereafter.

Monday is all about radiation therapy. 
I have appointments with two of the regions top radiation oncologists - Dr. Jay Liao (UW Medical Center and SCCA ProCure Center) and Dr. Stephen Eulau (Swedish Medical Center). There are several options in the radiation category that range from radiation beams to proton therapy or seed implants. Each of the techniques has side effects and consequences that need to be well understood. There is also the possibility that hormone therapy might be required with one or more of the techniques. The goal of each of the radiation treatments is to kill the cancer cells without killing the patient or having an adverse affect on neighboring organs. 

I have a lot of questions and much to learn about the use of radiation. Monday will be an important day.

If you'd like to help fight the good fight against prostate cancer please allow me to invite you to visit my Movember campaign page. We're raising money to help change the face of men's health.

Thank you.

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