Memories of Melba Marie

Last Rod & MelbaToday I participated in my Aunt Melba's memorial service. There was a big crowd of family, neighbors, and friends who arrived to celebrate her life and pay tribute to her memory. I was asked to participate by making a memorial video and sharing a few words that express my feelings about the aunt that was also my next door neighbor for the first twenty years of my life. She was my mother's baby sister and could have easily been considered a second mother to my sisters and me. 

So what do you suppose I decide to talk about?  I doubt you'll ever guess. 
If you'd like to know, you can read the story in the "Personal Edge" section or you can simply click here.

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  • steve olenski
    Mar. 20, 2012
    Hey Rod,

    I was going to leave a comment via the Personal Edge but I couldn't find where to do that so I am leaving my comment here.

    You had me in tears my friend... damn you :)

    I joke but you really did have me in tears for after reading the incredibly heartfelt story about your Aunt Melba followed by the video I was very moved... moved to tears.

    Your aunt was truly a special person and although you and I have never met... I hope to change that fact soon, I can just tell that you too are just like your aunt in that you serve yourself up to your friends and family without pretention and in a way that is warm, tasteful, and will put a smile on a persons face just by being in the room.

    Thank you for reminding me that the best things in life are truly free... Aunt Melba's buns for one :)

    Have a blessed day my friend,
    Steve O

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