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Girl Scout Cookies
Visitors to my blog are aware that I've been focused on at least a couple themes recently. Health and kindness have been on my mind. Both are habits I'm trying to build and reinforce in my daily life. For the most part it's been going pretty well too!

The recent Girl Scout cookie selling season gave me a great opportunity to practice both. As much as I love the sweet taste of Samoas and Thin Mints, I'm still not at the point in my journey where I can allow myself to indulge in the calories that come with them. So what's the kind and healthy thing to do and how could I best support my assistant's Girl Scout daughter when the order sheet came around?
This year, I bought a twelve-box case of cookies and had them sent to the son of a co-worker who serves in the US Army. It was a good way to do something nice for two people who are members of great organizations (the US Army and the Girl Scouts). It was also the best way to be kind to myself so that I won't be more disappointed when I step on the scale to weigh in.

Yesterday, I bought one more box and I have no idea who received it. It was an incredibly fun transaction. As I entered the local Fred Meyer store I noticed several little girls who were literally wearing Girl Scout cooking boxes and asking passers-by to buy a few boxes on the way out of the store. When I concluded my shopping I went to talk with one of the girls. I asked her how much a box of cookies was and she told me that all the flavors were the same - four dollars per box. I told her that I was hoping to lose a little weight and really didn't want to take any cookies home that would tempt me to eat them. Her smile started to fade and that's when I reached for my wallet and pulled for dollar bills from inside. 

I told the Girl Scout that I was going to give her four dollars so that she could buy a box of cookies for someone that she thought might like them when they passed by. Maybe it would be someone who wasn't able to buy a box for themselves. She took the money and beamed. "Okay," she said, "you've got a deal!"

As I walked away I heard her telling her friends what had happened and the surprise and happiness in her voice was special. If you can afford to buy a box of cookies for someone, I encourage you to help share the lesson of kindness with a child. It will make your day.

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  • Brian Crouch
    Mar. 10, 2013
    Great stuff. Bet she will be sharing that story many times!

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