Forget Cancer

Christmas 15There are times when a person forgets that he has prostate cancer. It happens when he's out shopping for his wife's Christmas present; when he's picking his son and granddaughter up at the airport; when he's trimming a fresh tree with family ornaments; when he's cheering on a Seahawk win; and when the house is filled with laughter while gathering for dinners of pizza or Chinese food.

There are moments, hours, even big parts of days when a body that feels perfectly healthy forgets that there is a cancer inside that needs to be removed. Those are the best times of the days that come between diagnosis and treatment. Those are the times that seem most real and normal.

Cancer robot
Unfortunately, as good as those times are, the reality of upcoming surgery and treatment eventually comes back into the forefront of my mind. On Tuesday morning I'll be checking into the University of Washington Medical Center for a surgical procedure that is expected to last 4-5 hours. A skilled surgeon, Dr. Ellis, will position himself in front of a high-tech workstation to control multiple robotic arms (and knives) that will do the work several feet away. From that point on, I think I'll have a new answer whenever I'm asked how technology has impacted my life. The whole thing is a little hard to get my head around. Sure hope those robotic arms are well tuned.

As unexpected as all this was, I'm confident that the journey to a healthy life will begin again on Tuesday. I've had so many people offer encouragement and prayers of support for me that I can only envision the best possible outcome. 

I don't know when I'll feel good enough to update you on the surgery, but either Cindy or I will post something on my Facebook page to let you know how it went. I'm expecting a full pathology report on December 23rd. Until then, thanks for all the wonderful sentiments.

 Forget cancer! You're the best!

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