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Every now and then an edge comes along and hits you right in the face. You recognize it the moment you are exposed to it. An edge like that is so easy to see and share that you can't imagine why it hasn't been presented before. That's the power of 20-20 hindsight. Once the edge has been exposed, it's easy for others to see. 

A remarkable touch point.

An edge like that recently caught my attention when highly acclaimed speaker, writer, and brand consultant Sally Hogshead, (who I follow on Twitter),  posed the following question as a headline in her blog... "The Worlds Most Fascinating Business Card?"
My reaction was "WOW! - I have to see one of these!"
At WOMMA,  where I serve as President of the Board of Directors, thought leaders continue to talk about a few important steps in influential conversations: 
  1. Know your talkers
  2. Give them something to talk about
  3. Make it easy to share
Fascinate ChallengeHas this interactive, thought provoking, business card addressed all three?
That's what I thought. So much so that I wrote to Sally and asked for a couple of samples - one to experience and one to talk about and share.  
I even went online and took Sally's "How Fascinating Are You Test?". (Confirmed again, by the way, that I tend to lead with power and passion. Used to be power and persuasion).
So take a look at the business card that you've been handing out and ask yourself if it gives you and your business an edge. Sally is about to cross the threshold of 50,000 fascinating people who have taken the F-Score test. I'd say that gives her a distinct advantage - an edge. What do you say?  What's your edge?

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