Comcast Customer Sees Timeliness As An Edge

Jack be nimble, @ComcastWA be QUICK!

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of public relations professionals at a meeting of PRSA, Puget Sound. I asked them to consider examples that they recall observing as a competitive edge. Walter, who is a self defined member of the "Comcast Washingon Twitter Response Team", sent this me this reply. From it, I was reminded that sometimes it can be the smallest act of communication and kindness that give us our edge. In this case the customer recognized it as timeliness. Great job demonstrating your edge @ComcastWA Twitter Team. And thanks for sharing your story.
A customer reminded me of something true of everyone: how we see ourselves is not how others see us. His comment came toward the end of the night when our service had not been up to our usual high standards due to a regional storm outage.

"Your Twitter response team did fine and held it together as well. Social media is one of the only ways we have to balance the power between customers and large companies. The customer should always be right, but sometimes they are not listened to quick enough. Social media and twitter helps get things reacted to." Here's the full story if you are interested.

Shared with me by: Walter Neary

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