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Not long ago I recieved the annual statement from the Social Security Adminsistration that recaps all the years that we have paid into the struggling federal retirement system. You know the one – we all get them. They list the years we worked and the amount we paid into the system. It even gives us an estimate of benefit that we will someday hope to collect. Frankly, it’s pretty depressing.

As I looked over the statemeent, I thought about all the different types of work that I’ve done and all the jobs that I’ve held. There were jobs that kids have to make a few bucks in the summer, and jobs that develop into a career. I decided to make a list and see how much I could remember. The first social security payment was in 1968 and the time frame spans over fourty years. No wonder I feel so tired!

I suspect that each of these endeavors could be a story in their own right. Maybe I’ll tackle that someday. For now, this short summary is at least a record for my grandchildren to think about someday. A work ethic is something that is built and developed from a young age. I don’t think we see enough of that anymore. Here’s my list… not necessarily in chronological order.

Check out this list! 

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  • Steve Olenski
    Jul. 5, 2011
    Hi Rod,

    Just checked out your list and I all can say is the first words that came to mind were "renaissance" and "man."

    Holy... man have you had quite the diverse work history.

    We actually share some of those... I too have pumped a gallon of gas in my day and have worked in a grocery/supermarket. I actually come from a long line of supermarket workers.

    Actually this made me think of a post I wrote back 2009 you may find interesting... it's about the "What If? game" http://thesteveozone.blogspot.com/2009/02/what-if.html

    Enjoy and have a great day!
    Steve O

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