Are you asking the right questions?

Geno Church

Do you have a word of mouth notebook for the answers?

A friend and amazingly successful practitioner of word of mouth marketing, Geno Church, is a regular contributor to the Brains On Fire blog. Geno has a wealth of great information to share that frequently causes me to consider ways to improve and inspires me to ask better questions when seeking answers.

For instance, consider this final paragraph from one of Geno's most recent posts. 

The question we’re asked most often after a presentation (and on our blog) is “Where do I start?” The answer to that question can be found in an even bigger question eloquently expressed in a recent blog post by Ed Keller: “Marketers can’t choose a “social strategy” without first understanding the motivations of consumers to share. There’s your answer: “What motivates your customers to share?” I would also add your employees into that equation, too. So let’s do a little WOM project together. Let’s take a week to start digging into what motivates your employees and your customers to share. Dust off that Moleskine, Field Notes or notepad and let’s have some conversation.

I encourage you to read the entire post. The story's a great one and the nuggets of knowledge are plentiful.

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  • Geno
    Mar. 1, 2012
    Rod, thanks for the love… That question seems so simple yet, it requires in my opinion discipline.

    Hopefully that question, will open up your clients soul and let you in on their insides… most of the time the why a customer is motivated to share is directly related to why a brand or organization is in business.

    See ya in Chicago…

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