Alumni Edge: Easy come - easy go.

Please Don't Treat Me Like A Dawg... Even For 15%

13 CoinsIn Washington, there are two kinds of people that come to mind when college loyalty and affinity are discussed. You have your Cougs (Go Cougs... 1975) and you have your Dawgs.

It's not hard to tell which is which. One group wears crimson and the other purple. Neither group would ever change places with the other. That's just the way it is.

And that brings me to the point of this post. In order for a business to get an edge with either of these card carrying alumni groups, the business won't need to pick one over the other (although that might be optimal), but the business will have to know who belongs to which group.

Last week, after years of hosting breakfast meetings at Seattle's 13 Coins Restaurant, I was delighted to be able to flash my newly issued WSU Cougar Card in exchange for a 15% discount. I was impressed.Coug and Dawg

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed for long. When the final bill was presented for my signature, the discount was listed as a "15% Dawg Deal." Something that for any self-respecting Coug is totally unacceptable. One step forward and two steps back.

A lesson learned long ago applies here. "A brilliant strategy that is poorly executed is far worse than a mediocre strategy executed brilliantly."

By the way, the Joe's Special at 13 Coins is outstanding.

Go Cougs!

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  • Greg
    May. 30, 2012
    Gotta remember that 70% of Dawg Grads still live in the area - Cougs - not so much
  • Husky Fan
    May. 30, 2012
    Perhaps the Dawg deal is a friendly gesture from one fan to another that should be appreciated with gratitude and maturity not taken as an insult with such hatred & venom.
  • Kim Holapa
    May. 29, 2012
    Love this, Rod! Let's hope they get the hint and create Cougar Coupon discounts too!

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