Activating Advocates - Example

The fundamentals of elements of WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) are pretty straight forward and easy to understand: 
  1. Step one: Figure out who the people are that care enough about what you are selling to talk about it. (Know your talkers).
  2. Step two: Create easy to remember talking points about what you are selling so that you can share them with the people who care enough to talk about you from step one. (Give them something to talk about).
  3. Step three: Provide easy ways for the people in step one, to communicate the messages from step two, easily, quickly and broadly to other people who might be persuaded to join the ranks of the people in step one. (Make it easy to share).
Executing the three steps isn't always as easy to do as it might sound. It takes some effort. And when the effort comes together and the environment is right, the momentum and success can be incredible.

I was talking with a few marketing colleagues about ways to identify brand advocates and enable them to achieve what traditional marketing and advertising messages wouldn't be able to. What an incredible edge that would be. 

Enter "The Great Schlep"

One of the people in the conversation asked if we had seen the way that, with Sara Silverman as point person, the Obama team had targeted the exactly right group of people and equipped them with messages to share with difference makers.  It's a brilliant example of identifying and empowering advocates to win in the market place. I'll be watching this one for inspiration again and again. I hope you enjoy it too. 

See the edge?


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